So …

Why “Childscapes”?


Rich’s approach is not that of the traditional portrait maker.


Nor is it that of the “commercial” or “lifestyle” or “environmental” or “concept” or “fashion” photographer.


It is none of those … and all of them. While Rich’s “subjects” are mainly children, his methodology more closely resembles that of a landscape photographer: Watching, waiting for just the right moment, and being ready for it when it arrives.


Hence …




Specializing in black and white allows him to remove much of the distraction of everyday existence, and focus (pun intended) on what Ted Grant so eloquently calls the “color of their soul”.


Born and raised in southwestern Wyoming, Rich has been living and working on the New Hampshire seacoast since 2006.



Rich is currently accepting new commissions.


You can contact him to set up a time to sit down and talk about making some art with your family.



“I take photographs with love, so I try to make them art objects. But I make them for myself first and foremost — that is important. If they are art objects at the same time, that’s fine with me.” – Jacques-Henri Lartigue